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5 Healthy Habits to NOT over do

Healthy shouldn't always go hand in hand with the words weight loss. Just because something is healthy for you does not mean it will help you towards your fat loss goals. For example, here’s 5 things you have probably heard are good for you, but in the right proportions and quantities.

Healthy Fats – I’m sure once or twice you have heard by now that fats are not the enemy. That’s true. Healthy fats containing omegas 3-6-9 are in fact not only extremely beneficial for your health and fat loss goals but also necessary to maintaining basic body metabolic needs. However, the problem surges when people now can’t control their fats and instead of 1oz of almonds are snacking on almonds like popcorn. The right portion of healthy fats will go a long way but don’t over do these.

Cardio – Cardio and weight loss seem to be words that go hand in hand these days. However, the words “healthy heart” and “cardio” should probably more linked together than anything. Whether your goals is to drop weight or maintain an optimal healthy body, too much cardio will also have it’s problems; particularly if you are doing high intensity cardio all the time. Cardio has it’s functions but over doing it may eat muscle away if your nutrition isn’t on point, cause knee problems, elevate cortisol and the list could go on. Add the right amount of cardio to your lifestyle but don’t’ over do it with hopes that more is better.

Supplements (Particularly Bars) – Having a balanced nutrition should always be number one on your list of things. However too often people are in a rush and can’t or are not able to sit down and grab a meal. Supplement companies know this and they create bars or meal replacement bars to help you in your busy lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few of these bars here and there but once you start relying on them daily for your needs you will notice that most of these “healthy” bars are high in sugar and artificial ingredients. Some “healthy” bars might as well be candy bars with added protein. Choose full meals over bars if you can and don’t abuse the convenience of a bar here and there with replacing it as a daily habit.

Fruits / Fruits Smoothies – Too often I have clients that tell me “But I have been Juicing every day and even twice a day sometimes”. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a phenomenal way to getting your mineral, vitamins and phytonutrients that are hard to get elsewhere, but remember that fruits still contain high amounts of sugar and when you add them all into a juice you are drinking a high sugar / high calorie drink. My best advice is to juice more vegetables than fruits and avoid going to places where they already make you a juice. Make your own juices at home but chose the right ingredients and avoid high sugary fruits too much that will hinder your goals. If you must I would encourage drinking your juice before or after a physical activity.

Low-Fat foods – Going back to point 1 on the blog, fats are good for you. But we don’t want everything we eat all day to have fats. That’s why in today’s society we see a lot of “low fat” foods like low fat ice cream or low fat sauces or low fat this and that. But be aware of how much you use them. Once in a while there’s no problem, but using these products on a daily basis is not optimal for your system. Just because that ice cream is labeled as “low-fat” doesn’t mean it’s low-calorie. And yet, for many a low-fat label is practically an invitation to overeat


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