By now I know you've tried at least one or two diets but failed. You know why diets fail? Because they aren't made for sustainability. They are created only with a caloric reduction without considering your lifestyle in mind


With so many workout styles and equipment it can get confusing on what you should use do safely. Allow our program to show you with our trainers how to safely perform the best movements for your to reach your goals safely and efficientely.




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We will help you in your journey so you know you are not alone

It can be intimidating at first to ask for help. We get it. But the first step is understanding that change won't happen without any action and wishing for something different to change without trying isn't going to solve anything. You are not alone in this journey as the Driven Team will be by your side aiding you in your transformation.

Excuses don't burn calories, they only make you procrastinate your journey

It's time for you to regain your life back. 

Ashely lost 39.4lbs in 16 weeks by getting driven to change her life. She took control over her life and decided enough was enough.

Look you are not alone. I understand that sometimes we feel we try everything and nothing works, or it works for a few weeks and then we hit that plateau. But the Driven Team have worked with hundreds of people and understand how to best achieve your results. All we ask if for you to get excited about meeting us and your own journey.


Full Diet and Training Plan

Working out with the Driven Team isn't enough. What makes the Driven LEAN program work is the nutrition and training plan you will also receive. You will be able to access your training program from our exclusive app and never doubt yourself again when you workout on your own as all exercises include videos on how to perform them and much more. Our exclusive nutrition program designed by our founder himself will be the key to your weight loss and transformation. 

Unlike many other places we take care of our Driven clients beyond the training session and additionally start the designing of your program with our lifestyle questionnaire in order to learn as much as we can from you to create your program.

Once this plan is in place we will then monitor your progression via weekly emails and constant feedback from you, making small changes to the plan along the way as and when needed.


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Driven APP

Having access to your workouts is crucial. That's why the Driven APP will have your workouts prescribed by our team based on your initial assessment questionnaire, all there the palm of your hands. Your workouts will be tailored exactly to your specifics and contain all the workouts for the week for your to follow.


Don't worry, all the exercises our team will prescribe contain videos and written explanations on how to safely perform them. This way, when the Driven Team isn't around you will never have to second guess how to exercise properly. 


Nutrition is key to changing your health and dropping weight. That's why after your initial assessment questionnaire we will create a program for your needs for you to drop the weight and ensure your health is at it's best.

Unlike a lot of fad diets that take away entire food groups or drinking shakes to severely limit calories the DRIVEN LEAN plan has been made to fit your lifestyle not just for now, but for the long term.

We don't believe in diets, we believe in changes for life that you can sustain.

Once this plan is in place we will then monitor your progression.

The Driven LEAN Workouts

The workouts are where it all comes together. After all, we want you to feel comfortable no matter what level of fitness you are and have you experience what Driven is all about.


These workouts are intended for you to burn the most amount of calories while exercising in a safe environment that will keep you burning calories throughout the entire day.


All we ask if that you come prepared to change your body and a good attitude. 


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*Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Time frames for results are not guaranteed |

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Driven Personal Training was founded with the mission to create and execute the most effective consultative health and fitness model in the personal training industry. Founded by international recognized certified nutritionist and trainer Alex Carneiro & Nutritionist Personal Training Siera Capesius, Driven focuses it's entire energy in ensuring that with the help of certified fitness professionals provide an effective and safe way to transform bodies. Quite simply we don't succeed if you don't improve your health and body.

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